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About us

Our Approach

Pan Asia Solar partners with a select number of entrepreneurs and ventures best positioned to become leaders in their respective market space. These companies exhibit proven leadership, breakthrough ideas, strong intellectual capital and a unique market positioning.

Second and third round investors are often outside observers of growing companies, with little direct interaction or influence. Pan Asia Solar takes the opposite approach by forming a long-term partnership that begins at the earliest stages of a company's development. Our team works alongside management at each stage of the growth process, actively helping build successful companies.

Supported by an exceptional team of highly qualified advisors, our approach is:

  • Identify and evaluate extraordinary early-stage opportunities along the solar value chain
  • Invest financial capital to support the growth of selected businesses
  • Provide critical management and technical support throughout the businesses growth cycle
  • Recognize and execute on mutually beneficial joint venture opportunities within our portfolio
  • Identify and execute on opportunities to capture value through an exit strategy

Of the many factors necessary for a successful venture, the firm places considerable value in the strength of the company's management team. Additionally, Pan Asia Solar seeks to partner with companies that exhibit advanced technology capable of delivering the highest-quality products, and who have a commitment to sustainability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs in the solar industry with the capital, management support, and industry network they need to transform their growing businesses into leading global organizations.

We believe that the best businesses are able to achieve both substantial social benefit as well as outstanding economic performance. The solar energy industry is ripe with such opportunities and will play a crucial role in reducing global dependence on environmentally destructive forms of energy. Today, through a growing number of solar technologies and applications, we are just beginning to see the enormous potential of harnessing solar energy to provide abundant, clean and economically feasible power to the world.

Thus, in fulfilling our mission, we aim to create a cleaner world by continuing the advancement and widespread adoption of solar energy technologies and applications.

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