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The founders of Pan Asia Solar, Ted Szpitalak and Bruce Beilby, have worked together for nearly three decades, initially as part of the Photovoltaics Centre of Excellence at The University of New South Wales. The group, led by Dr. Martin Green, achieved widespread success and accolade by setting world records in solar cell efficiency. In 2001, the founders, along with partners from the UNSW, sought to commercialize their technical expertise by establishing several companies throughout Asia focused on manufacturing PV components. Their strategy was to partner with exceptional entrepreneurs, leading technical experts, and local stakeholders to develop powerful companies with tremendous growth potential. This approach remains the central tenet to Pan Asia Solar's current strategy.

Ted Szpitalak, Co-founder and Principal

Ted has been involved in various capacities in the solar energy industry for over 30 years. Most recently, Ted was a Founding Partner for Chinese cell manufacturer JA Solar (NASDAQ: JASO) where he was a Senior Technical Advisor and helped lead the company through its initial offering on the NASDAQ in February, 2007. Prior to this, Ted was a founding partner of Suntech Power (NYSE: STP), one of the world's leading integrated solar manufacturers, and of China Sunergy, (NASDAQ: CSUN). As a consultant, Mr. Szpitalak served as a high-level advisor to several Asian photovoltaic manufacturing business and European equipment producers.

Dr. Bruce Beilby, B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D, Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer

Bruce brings a long and successful career in technology and engineering to the firm. Recently, he was a Partner, Engineering and Technical Consultant at Chinese cell manufacturer, JA Solar (NASDAQ: JASO), where he advised the technology team on the development of ultra-high efficiency solar cells. Prior to JA Solar, Bruce was a lead technical consultant to China Sunergy, (NASDAQ: CSUN) and has held research and development positions at Cambridge University and the University of New South Wales.

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